The Last Post

So. I’m back from SXSW and probably half a stone heavier, definitely lacking sleep and with a head full of ideas, contacts and new experiences.

So what was the point?

My aim as a Business Development Manager was to meet as many people as possible, and make contacts around the globe for projects, job opportunities for students and potential collaborators. What I hadn’t thought about was meeting people who we already know and the value of them seeing Ravensbourne, and our presence at SXSW.

So it wasn’t just about new contacts. It also wasn’t about the parties. Brands and companies were launching products and services that have never been seen before – Google talking shoes, Makerbot’s replicator, JASH (a new online comedy portal), LEGO announcing ‘Back to the Future‘ sets for later this year, etc etc.¬†We felt like we were right at the cutting edge – a zeitgeist moment.

It also seemed to be that SXSW isn’t just about the speakers – it’s about the attendees. You have around 150,000 of the most influential people working on digital gathered in one place. On one hand a tough crowd, on the other – companies could pitch or get feedback from some of the top digital movers and shakers in the world.

Since returning, it has felt like the contacts I have made, and will make, from SXSW will last for a while, and the momentum will certainly keep me going until next year.

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