SXSW Queues – but where’s the insight?

sxsw_queueWe made it after a 20-hour travel jamboree spanning trains, planes and automobiles. It was painful, but we survived. Luck was on our side, though. We’d been advised to pick up our passes last night but we ran out of time and eating and sleeping was a bigger priority. After an hour wait for the shuttle bus we then queued for our shuttle bus wristband. Braced for a long queue to collect our passes we entered the Austin Convention Centre to find a super efficient team and no queues.

Quickly setting up wifi access, whatsapp groups and deciding which session to attend meant we were all on our mobiles – which is what SXSW is all about. Boarding a bus to the AT+T center seemed simple, but we should have realised from the queue outside we wouldn’t be able to make the session ‘Why the next big thing is not a gadget’. There were already a Gazillion people inside who were finding that out too. Some had been queuing since 8.30am. We all decided we were going to have to get used to it. But following the Twitter feed #notgadget, they’re talking about designing for mobile first and how great brands have an immersive second (and third!) screen experience. Yeah, guys, not exactly ground-breaking insights there!

Coffee and a muffin later, we’re planning our next move. Watch out Austin….

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