Modit hackerthon

My trip at SXSW has been very game orientated, partly because I love games but mostly because that might be the area I want to work in. The day before we left SXSW I went to a heckerthon where attendees were tasked with making game mods. To make this mod we used an in-browser editor called Modit that can be found at

Screen shot 2013-03-11 at 16.48.58The reason they wanted to build this was because they wanted people to hack and they wanted people to create. This is what Modit said about the session:

“When you make the code open, hackers will hack. Sometimes to fix a bug and sometimes to cause problems. The mission is to turn players into creators.”

 To use Modit you must have a Google account in order to sign up, because it is still in beta testing and it is easier for the user and Modit for users to sign up like this. This particular editor differs from others like Game Salad because it allows you to go into the JavaScript and edit like that. But you don’t need to know JavaScript in order to use Modit. In fact you can use it and know nothing.

For this reason it gets a thumbs up from me. They said they wanted to “make a game that everyone can put in what they want, to make a game that everyone wants.” Essentially, it provides a platform that no matter your skill level you can go and make a mod. I don’t know if this editor will be successful but I think there is potential, and lots of it.


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