I love cats!!! I don’t try to hide this fact, nor do I pretend that this obsession is not, in fact, a little weird. However this is okay because in the world of the Web the majority of the Internet users love cats too, because they are very funny. During our visit to SXSW we went to a panel session called #catvidfest: Is this the end of art? This session was so much more then just showing the best viral cat videos; it was also about art and the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis.

The point of art in all and any form is to create some kind of debate, make people think and question. Cat videos do just that, does that make them art? I don’t know but nevertheless people turned up in the thousands to watch cat videos at an event hosted by The Walker Art Center. The organisers created this event and invited about 2000 people. They were expecting maybe 500 people to turn up, but they hadn’t predicted what happened next. Over 10,000 people arrived. It was so successful they are going to make it an annual festival and do this all over the USA. People have full time jobs to watch cat videos, which sounds like my kind of employment!

This event was and still is so much more than just watching cat videos; it was to find something positive and share it. Dogs have dog parks and cats have the Internet.


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